Jun 26, 2010

Existential Risk Reduction Career Network

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The existential risk reduction career network is a career network for those interested in getting a relatively well-paid job and donating substantial amounts (relative to income) to non-profit organizations focused on the reduction of existential risks, in the vein of SIAI, FHI, and the Lifeboat Foundation.

The aim is to foster a community of donors, and to allow donors and potential donors to give each other advice, particularly regarding the pros and cons of various careers, and for networking with like-minded others within industries. For example, someone already working in a large corporation could give a prospective donor advice about how to apply for a job.

Over time, it is hoped that the network will grow to a relatively large size, and that donations to existential risk-reduction from the network will make up a substantial fraction of funding for the beneficiary organizations.

In isolation, individuals may feel like existential risk is too large a problem to make a dent in, but collectively, we can make a huge difference. If you are interested in helping us make a difference, then please check out the network and request an invitation.

Please feel free to contact the organizers at [email protected] with any comments or questions.


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  1. Kevin Schmidt says:

    Peer Infinity,

    Please contact me in regards to your Transhumanist Wiki’s Scenarios Map, which is no longer online.
    I read about here:

    On my own, I came to a similar conclusion as to how the debate nodes should be built and should interact with one another. There is an application I have been working on that uses a modified version of your described debate tool that I am confidnet will attract a great deal of interest.

    Please contact me either through Skype, kevinschmidt123
    or my email address, [email protected],
    or my land line, 805−633−4746. I live in Southern California.

    Hope to here from you soon.
    Kevin Schmidt