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Shannon Vyff

The MAMi Magazine article What Will Life Be Like in the Year 2189? said

Futurist and award winning writer explores how today’s science fiction could be the future’s reality. Imagine a world where you can “speak” to your friends telepathically, use a machine to turn your ideas into reality and where you can even take your mind out of your body and fly like a bird. Pretty amazing stuff-sounds like you’ve stepped right into the middle of a science fiction story. But what if these ideas that are considered far-fetched right now, really could be part of humankind’s future?
That’s the idea behind a new children’s book, 21st Century Kids by Shannon Vyff. “In the early days of flight experimentation, most people chalked up the idea of human flight as pure fiction,” says Vyff. “They couldn’t believe humans would ever be able to fly, yet now we realize the Wright Brothers knew what they were talking about. I think the same can apply to other areas of human exploration and science.”
Vyff’s own children played a big role in writing the book; they are the inspiration for the main characters in the book, served as sounding boards for the ideas and proofed the final version. They are also featured along with Vyff in an upcoming Barbara Walter’s Special, “How To Live To Be 150.”

Shannon Vyff is the author of the transhumanist adventure story 21st Century Kids written to educate children about futurist issues and their role in building the future. She started her career out of high school as an award winning photographer and writer, including the Madeleine L’Engle Young Writer’s Award. And continued her writing endeavors by contributing an essay to the Imminst book The Scientific Conquest of Death. As a spokesperson for anti-aging research and lifestyles, she has been interviewed by numerous magazines and news organizations, including Barbara Walters, 20/20 and the Marie Claire, and Oprah magazines.
Shannon is an Alcor member, a Methuselah Foundation supporter and Calorie Restriction practitioner. In addition to donating to and volunteering for several National and International organizations, she volunteers for her local Unitarian Universalist Church and La Leche League group. Hailing from America’s heartland in Wichita, Kansas, she has also lived in Eugene, Oregon and Austin, Texas. She still calls Austin home, where she lives with her three children: Avianna, Avryn and Avalyse and husband Michael.
Listen to her on HealthRadio. Read The $4 Million Mom.