Advisory Board

Kelly Starks

Kelly Starks is Systems Engineer at Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC).
ORBITEC is a leading subsystems integrator and high technology development company based in Madison, Wisconsin. ORBITEC offers commercially mature solutions and strong capabilities in five distinct areas: propulsion, space resources, and energy; emergency response systems; human support systems and instrumentation; bioproducts and bioproduction systems; and interactive 3D systems and services.
Kelly has over thirty three years of experience as a Software Engineer, Systems Engineer/Scientist, Mechanical Engineer Requirements Analyst, Administrator, Designer, Integration Analyst and Tester on various NASA, Air Force, Army, and commercial contracts. During this time he has designed and developed systems, systems requirements and specifications as well as developed system development, validation, and quality assurance procedures.
This background and his training provide him with a broad base of experience in all phases of the systems engineering development life cycle and its associated methodologies.
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