Advisory Board

Andrea Rassell, BBMSc, MA

Andrea Rassell, BBMSc, MA is an emerging artistic researcher trained in biomedical science and filmmaking.
Andrea has been working on the Australian Bionic Eye Project for the past two years, while completing a Masters of Art at RMIT University. Her current practice involves two video works at the intersection of new media and neuroscience — one using high-speed videography and the other a Cave Automated Virtual Environment.
Her creative practice engages with: futuristic, old, or unusual cinematographic forms; 4D screening spaces; visual perception; phenomenology and consciousness; and transhumanist philosophy and technology. She is the multimedia editor of a science art initiative, Gobbledigook magazine, and is also editing the upcoming edition of Freerange Press “Humanimal”, which addresses the intersection of human, animal, and machine.
Read Call for Articles for Freerange Vol. 8 — animals, humans, robots and the borders and boundaries between them. Read her IMDb profile and LinkedIn profile.