Title: Save Humanity
Subtitle: Introducing the Lifeboat Foundation’s Mission
Abstract: As technologies of unprecedented power emerge and advance at an exponentially accelerating pace, these will soon vastly increase the power of leading nations, leading corporations, and leading individuals. Before too long, a set of emerging technologies — Genetics, Robotics/Artificial General Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Neurotech — will make more power available than has ever been known in human history. This power may be used by leaders for our benefit but the same technologies that could raise standards of living and increase healthspans also could enable a small group, or even a single individual, to dominate the world — or willfully destroy it. Since it is usually not feasible to slow down the advancement of dangerous technologies, our foundation aims to do everything possible to speed up the advancement of defensive technologies against all possible threats — existential threats in particular.
Our BioShield, NanoShield, and SecurityPreserver proposals are the start. We advocate and support the accelerated creation of self-sustaining space colonies, on the Moon and in deep space, in case of a nanotech (or other) disaster that makes human life difficult or impossible on Earth. We also support the creation of self-contained, impervious, autonomous bunkers on Earth; these would use much of the same technology as self-sustaining space colonies. We furthermore stimulate the development of Earth-to-Orbit spacecraft needed to execute, as and when needed, an emergency evacuation to space of as many people as we can, providing humanity, literally, with a lifeboat to space.