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35% off materials from EOA Scientific, a curriculum-based resource of software, educational lab manuals and educational VHS videos.
25% off admission fees at ALL planetariums around the world.
20% off TheSky Astronomy Software for Windows and the Macintosh. 20% off all non Martian/Lunar specimens at
15% off meteorites from (Online catalog available in both German and English.)
10% off telescopes and other products from Discount applies to shipping as well. 10% off meteorites from, the world’s largest online meteorites for sale catalogue. 10% off at and 10% off telescopes and binoculars from Opticmall. 10% off space patches from 10% off year round on Store For Knowledge telescopes, spy toys, educational products that relate to dinosaurs, science, and nature, and other products.
5% off Space Adventures terrestrial tours, zero-gravity and supersonic jet flights, sub-orbital space flights, and a $200,000 discount on trips to the International Space Station! Your Lifeboat membership will be extended by one year if you go on any of these adventures and will be extended into a lifetime membership if you select the International Space Station adventure.
5% off telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, and other products from 5% at USSR – Russian Aviation & Space Collectables. 5% at Sky Force Space Patches, your source for official NASA space patches. 5% off telescope platforms and other products from TL Systems.