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Clothing and Jewelry

45% off the retail prices of men’s jewelry, women’s jewelry, women’s wear, and more at Stanhopes Gifts.
25% off men and women’s jewelry, women’s wear and more at The Benefit Program by Charlies Kardz. (The Benefit Program has also agreed to donate a portion of their revenues to Lifeboat Foundation!)
20% off flight jackets, leather fashion for men and women, and more at Pop’s Leather. 20% off T-shirts, women’s shirts, skirts, dresses, body jewelry, and regular jewelry at Mia’s Wish. 20% off professional and casual men’s clothing at JoS. A. Bank Clothiers. (Discount doesn’t apply to sale items.)
15% off foot jewelry, toe rings, anklets, foot sandals, Nyoshoos™ and more from Seaheart. 15% off gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more at Gift Cloud. 15% off traditional Guernsey knitwear from Guernsey Knitwear Company, selling direct from the British Channel Islands.
10% off regular-priced men’s business wear, business casual, formal black tie, party attire and more at Men’s Wearhouse. (Also receive free lifetime pressing, free re-alterations of seams previously altered and 24-hour turnaround on tailoring if requested.) 10% off pearl and jade jewelry at Great Gifts Now. 10% off women’s and men’s footwear at Marty’s Shoe Outlet. 10% off T-shirts, jackets, fleecewear and more at A&E Designs. 10% off at Wild Ties, the oldest internet tie store in the world. 10% off Turkish cotton terry cloth bath robes and towels from Thirsty Towels. (Not including monogramming or gift wrap costs.)
10% off work and uniform shoes and boots at Jgear. 10% off men’s and women’s jewelry and more at Cyber Gift Shoppe. 10% off jewelry and other handmade gifts manufactured in the United Kingdom available at Aston Gifts. 10% off jewelry and more at Amaranth Gallery. 10% off jewelry and more at For The One I Love. 10% off jewelry boxes and more from (Discount doesn’t apply to sale items and applies to internet orders only.)
5% off rings, earrings, bracklets, necklaces, watches and more from Perfect Gifts Australia. 5% off women’s cashmere coats from Kokino. 5% off crystal pendants from Image Enhancement Gifts.
$10 off orders of $100 or more, $5 off orders of $50 or more from