Advisory Boards

The Lifeboat Foundation is developing a world-class think tank with a rich cognitive diversity of philosophers, economists, biologists, nanotechnologists, AI researchers, educators, policy experts, engineers, lawyers, ethicists, futurists, neuroscientists, physicists, space experts, and other top thinkers to encourage scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.
Unlike most organizations, whose advisory boards are too small to do more than provide some advice, our think tank provides action as well as words. Our board members have developed programs, created reports, written books, developed proposals for government agencies, donated money, fueled our blog, created educational videos, joined our staff, launched numerous forums, organized events, judged contests, and provided input on a range of issues from web design to grant proposals to ideas for new areas that Lifeboat Foundation should be involved in.
View interesting books by our advisory board members. Visit our memorial to advisory board members who worked to “Safeguard Humanity” until the end of their lives.


Consejo de Astrobiología/SETI

This board discusses astrobiology and SETI. Handling first contact situations is a priority for this board.

Consejo de Bioética/Medicina

This board discusses advances in biotechnology and medicine and the dangers and benefits of such technologies.

Consejo de Negocios

This board discusses business matters including the business implications of proposed solutions.

Consejo de Química

This board discusses advances in chemistry and how chemistry can be used to solve problems in the future.

Consejo de Sistemas Complejos

This board discusses advances in complex systems and how complex systems can be used to solve problems in the future.

Consejo de Cosmología

This board discusses advances in cosmology and how this knowledge can be used to solve problems in the future.

Diplomacy Board

This board addresses multilateral diplomacy and international relations in an attempt to reduce the chance/impact of existential risks. Track II diplomacy is part of the mission of this board.

Consejo de Economía

This board discusses developments in economics and how economics can be applied to problems in the future.

Consejo de Educación

This board discusses innovation solutions to improving education.

Consejo de Ingeniería

This board discusses engineering matters including the engineering details of proposed solutions.

Consejo de Ética

This board discusses the policy and ethical solutions to the challenges and opportunities relating to exponentially growing technologies.

Consejo de Finanzas

This board discusses financial matters including the financial implications of proposed solutions.

Consejo de Futurismo

This board discusses possible futures including benefits we should try to achieve and risks we should try to avoid.

Human–Nonhuman Relationship Board

This board focuses on current and future planetary conditions that impact non-human species. The board discusses scientific and ethical considerations in human–nonhuman relationships and the interdependence and preservation at the individual, population, species, and cultural levels.

Consejo de Trayectorias Humanas

The current human situation is unique and complex. What are the primary characteristics that define human culture? How did our "humanness" make us what we are today? And, most importantly, how will our collective past and present direct our advance towards the future? Areas covered include technological innovation and adoption, resource shortage and change, human migration, competition, and conflict.

Consejo de Ciencias de la Información

This board discusses advances in information sciences and how information sciences can be used to solve problems in the future.

Consejo Legal

This board discusses legal matters including the legal implications of proposed solutions.

Life Extension Board

This board discusses methods and technologies to extend your life.

Consejo de Medios y Arte

This board discusses strategies that Lifeboat Foundation can use to interact with the media including what methods would be most effective.

Consejo de Nanotecnología

This board discusses the latest developments in nanotechnology including benefits and risks.

Consejo de Neurociencia

This board discusses advances in neuroscience and how neuroscience can be used to solve problems in the future.

New Money Systems Board

The focus of this board is to discuss new currencies and money systems — any types of money not “backed” by governments. Learn about the world’s first bitcoin endowment fund!

Philosophy Board

This board discusses the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct for all matters related to the Lifeboat Foundation.

Psychology Board

This board focuses on 'the farther reaches of human nature' (Abraham Maslow). We discuss how evolution of consciousness, positive psychology, adult developmental and transpersonal psychologies awaken the creative, big-picture, and long-term thinking that will help equip us to face tomorrow's challenges.

Consejo de Física

This board discusses advances in physics and how physics can be used to solve problems in the future.

Consejo de Política

This board examines the issues on which Lifeboat Foundation takes positions, and advises on how to craft the organization's proposals and advocacy so as most likely to actually get adopted, and if adopted, to actually have the effects intended by their authors, and to minimize unintended consequences.

Religion/Spirituality Board

This board straddles the intersections of technology/science and religion/spirituality and discusses how religion and spirituality affect existential risks and looks towards common survival strategies that we can derive from this discussion.

Consejo de Robótica/IA

This board discusses advances in Robotics and AI and the dangers and benefits of such technologies.

Social Factors Board

This board is chartered with identifying, assessing, and (if possible) devising mitigating strategies for existential risks arising in the interplay of social factors such as historical, memetic-cultural, economic, and geopolitical forces. A secondary goal is to identify, assess, and devise mitigating strategies for those other existential risks that may be compounded by the interplay of such social factors.

Consejo de Asentamiento Espacial

This board discusses ways to enable space settlement. Information on discoveries of new planets, and other space related information is also discussed.

Consejo de Sustentabilidad

This board discusses ways to enable mankind to be sustained for a long time. It looks for methods to sustain energy and food sources while reducing pollution, environental impact, etc.

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