Advisory Board

Marty N. McCrea, MSTC

Marty N. McCrea, MSTC is an entrepreneur, a futurist, and a social catalyst. He has spent the last decade theorizing frameworks to near future technologies that empower people to communicate, invent, and relate in newly realized ways.
Marty was the spark for a new advisory board created at the Lifeboat Foundation called the Scientific Freedom Board. This board strives to create environments that allow freedom in research to those latter day Max Plancks who must have it while at the same time looks to prevent obstacles to scientific freedom such as “patent trolls”.
He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Organizational Communication. His Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization came from McCombs Business School at the University of Texas at Austin.
Marty is well versed in noticing next generation ideas that are then polished into large contributions to global growth. He has always been fascinated with enlightenment, people, gadgets, mental technology, inventions, and the wonder of creating innovations from a thought, love, words spoken, or a theory that can transcend our self-invented construct of culture. His research thus far is focused on inventing physical and mental technology that catalyzes conversations which invites the scientific community and the general public into an ongoing global conversation of consciously applied synaptic expansion.
To that end, he has been building ideas and solutions around giving every person on this planet the ability to let their voice be heard in real time and positively impact the decisions that personally affect them. It stands to reason that by clearly illustrating the multi-perspective data of previous global, local, ground level, and future decisions — including overall impacts of seemingly isolated events — enables people a more transparent and holistic planetary perspective that presents both the dynamic macro and micro levels within the same view.
Marty is currently gearing up research into the transformative nature of invention as related to societal change, knowledge transfer and strategically applied creativity. Specifically, the outputs of this research will yield an alternative pathway to the inherently flawed and bottlenecked mechanism(s) of technology commercialization existing today, thus producing a more user-friendly and industry-disrupting business model infused with checks & balances, ethics, and transparency. His goal is to create an innovative and dynamic methodology allowing people to generate an income and notoriety from the clarity of their intellectual property refinement and societal impact contribution which; in turn — he hypothesizes — begins to allude to the particular synaptic pattern of altruistically driven innovation and the eventual transcension of the ego in the individual.
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