Advisory Board

Jorge Timón

Jorge Timón is Software Engineer at Indra.
Jorge was previously focused on artificial learning (developer of Parallel Reinforcement Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks), he is now focused on alternative payments systems, complementary currencies, and monetary theory and philosophy.
He is involved in several cutting-edge currency software projects including Bitcoin and Ripple, and he has proposed several systems and software designs including Freicoin, which is in operation since late 2012. He’s a founding member of the Freicoin Foundation. In the virtual section of the 5th Spanish conference on complementary currencies (with other presenters like Bernard Lietaer or Heloísa Primavera), he presented Ripple as a system to create and manage complementary currencies in a way that makes them interoperable. He was interviewed in Samuel Benson’s blog about disruptive technologies and Bitcoin. He wrote an article on Julio Gilsbert’s blog about alternative trade systems, explaining Freicoin.
Read his LinkedIn profile, and his Quora profile. Follow his Twitter feed.