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Lifeboat Foundation Announces Triple Partnership

Summer Johnson, Column Editor for triple partnership.
The Lifeboat Foundation announces a triple partnership including the Lifeboat Foundation, Nanotech-Now, and The American Journal of Bioethics.
January 16, 2009 — The Lifeboat Foundation has activated a triple partnership including the Lifeboat Foundation, Nanotech-Now, and The American Journal of Bioethics.
The Lifeboat Foundation is launching a monthly column addressing the ethical issues that scientists and consumers of nanotechnology will face. Its column editor is Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board member Summer Johnson, who is Executive Managing Editor of The American Journal of Bioethics and Chief Operating Officer, Bioethics Education Network.
Summer says
“The literature in this area is not growing at nearly 1/10th of the pace of the nanoscience literature itself and it is my belief that ethicists, scientists, and lay people should be aware of these issues (sooner rather than later).”
Summer wrote the first column which has now been published! The next three columns will be authored by the Lifeboat Foundation’s Bob Krone, Tom Powers, and Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel.
Nanotech-Now has agreed to run this column. They will give the column front and center placement once a month for 24 hours then a rotation down the homepage as their other columns load their articles. Google News indexes their columns every 15 minutes.
The American Journal of Bioethics and its website, are also sponsoring the column by featuring it on their website as well as their blog. In addition, for each column, they will coordinate the production of an accompanying podcast by the author discussing the column which will be hosted on their website, has approximately 22 million viewers per year and, started just last year, averaged 20,000 downloads per podcast in 2008. They have the technological capacity to do these podcasts with authors around the country and make them available 24/7. Soon they will have a site via Beyond Campus on iTunes University where they will transfer all of this material and repost it as a channel accessible to all via iTunes or RSS feed on

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