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Zack Lynch, M.A.

The article Think nano has ethical problems? Just wrap your brain around neuro said

While neurotechnology’s impact on society may seem far-fetched to some, so was the idea of flying 400 people from Tokyo to London in 1900. Indeed, it was Lord Kelvin, the head of the British Royal Society, who in 1898, proclaimed that heavier-than-air flying machines were impossible, yet 5 years later people were doing it.
Whether or not neurotechnology emerges as I suggest it is clear that sustained investment in NBIC is critically important if we are to deal with the substantial economic, political and social change that lies ahead.

Zack Lynch, M.A. was the author of this article and is the Executive Director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization and Managing Director at NeuroInsights, an economic and social forecaster advising global organizations on the impact of neurotechnology on business, government and society. He serves on the advisory boards of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies and SocialText, a social software company. He is currently finishing his book on Neurosociety: How Brain Science Is Shaping the Future of Business, Politics and Culture.
He is the veteran of multiple enterprise software startups. He founded TimeBack, a provider of communications productivity applications. Previously, he was a founder and VP of Marketing and Sales at Steelwedge, an Enterprise Forecasting Optimization company, where he brought in the company’s first outside investment money and developed its initial go-to-market strategy. Prior to this, he served as VP of Marketing and Sales at a provider of Trade Relationship Management software.
Zack earned a M.A in economic geography and a double B.S. in evolutionary biology and environmental science with high honors from UCLA. His master’s thesis examined how the Internet transforms communications and commerce. He has also investigated self-organizing behavior of leaf cutter ants at Finca la Selva, taught classes at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business on scenario planning, and analyzed sustainable agriculture at the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas.
Read his blog Brain Waves: Neurons, Bits and Genes. Listen to him on the NeoFiles Show. Read a transcript of his interview on All In The Mind. Read the MIT Technology Review interview of him, The Future of Neurotechnology.