Advisory Board

Wei Sun, MBA

Wei Sun, MBA is Founder of H+@China, Research Consultant at KurzweilAI Networks, and Appointed Member of Engagement Subcommittee at the American Chamber of Commerce in China.
At KurzweilAI Networks, Wei is a consultant in the following fields: editorial, information research, and writing on the most advanced science and technology news in China, especially focused on the subjects of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, space, and energy.
At H+@China, she 1) Advocates the ethical use of emerging technologies to enhance human capacity. 2) Establishes effective communication channels between the east and the west, and within China, on the subjects of Super Intelligence (e.g. artificial general intelligence), Super Longevity (e.g. anti-aging, advanced bio-science), and Super Well-being (e.g. environmental issues, nanotechnology). 3) Encourages the rise of citizen scientists and drives attention and resources into future technology development in China.
Wei earned her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at Carleton University in 2005. She earned her MBA with a dual concentration in Marketing and Finance at Boston University – School of Management in 2009.
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