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Volney Faustini

Volney Faustini is Senior Fellow at the FOW Global Network and Owner, Social Futurist, and Chief Career Disruption Evangelist at Dom Aquiles – Educational Project. He studies and analyzes the impact of technology on society, bringing practical and prudent proposals to deal with change — whether in the individual, the family, the educational process, or the corporate world.

Volney started his company FIT D11 Faustini, Inovação e Tecnologia in 1995. He named his project Dom Aquile — an Educational Project and has been trying to bring Innovation to the Corporate World with action and deed and not only with words and intentions.

In 2018, he started with the Dom Aquiles Career Disruption Program. His mission, as a Social Futurist, is to focus on studying and researching the change that comes in the present time with the impact of Technology in Society.

In the last decade, Volney published a non-academic thesis on Brazilian Generations (Concepção As Gerações Brasileiras, The 16 Brazilian Generations – where we came from and where we are going (1683 to 2028), an in-depth study that referred to local History, Culture, and Personalities.

With more than 2,000 micro-biographies, his study traced the generational groups since 1683 encompassing Portuguese influence. Based on an extensive biographical database, he used sociological tools from European and American schools. The final result was a comprehensive structured text from the generations of the past to the generations of the present.

Disrupção de Carreira – Career Disruption – is a trademark for a special program addressing the professional class as a challenge to reinvent their lives and new ways to rely on income. Dom Aquiles is the overall concept of the ‘circus’ mode of living and working.

His latest initiative is the FOW Global Network, building bridges with different connections that represent their regions in the world, to address humanity’s present greatest challenge. FOW is a global network of thinkers and influencers who are at the forefront of the debate regarding the Future of Work in an era in which Artificial Intelligence will be permeating the entire society.

Between 2019 and 2021, Volney was the President of the Fundação Mary Harriet Speers. Founded in 1982, the nonprofit foundation supports the training of professionals for the Third Sector, the mobilization of volunteers to work on projects to assist people in situations of social vulnerability, encourages partnerships, and invests in projects that have good results for society, by making citizens aware of their role.

Volney started his career as Pedagogical Coordinator and Marketing Manager at Grupo Educacional Objetivo in 1972. He held different positions until 1979 when he became Manager and Director at Grupo Sami Koudsi for the next five years until 1984.

In 1985, Volney Founded and was Owner and CEO of Germanine Marketing e Serviços for the next nine years. It was the first big size telemarketing agency in Brazil, leader in the Credit Card and Financial outsourcing services in the late 80s and early 90s. It was the first to run a national Direct Response TV with 800 toll free and received more than 60,000 daily calls.

In 1991, he became the President of the Associação Brasileira de Telemarketing – ABT, the Industry’s national association for the Telemarketing and Call Center segment, before he started his project FIT D11 Faustini, Inovação e Tecnologia in 1995.

Among the texts and books he has authored, the following titles stand out:

Volney is a member of the Academia Brasileira de Marketing Hall of Fame.

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