Advisory Board

Viktoras Veitas, MSc

Viktoras Veitas, MSc is Research Assistant at Global Brain Institute and Ph.D. student studying Artificial Cognitive Development at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is also member of Evolution, Complexity and COgnition group and member of the EUCog Network.
His papers include Foundations for a Mathematical Model of the Global Brain: Architecture, Components, and Specifications, Software Architecture of the Challenge Propagation Model, Synthetic Cognitive Development: Where Intelligence Comes From, A World of Views: A World of Interacting Post-human Intelligences, and The Long Tail of the Singularity.
Viktoras earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Vilniaus Universitetas in 1997. He earned his Master’s degree in International Management at the ISM University of Management and Economics in 2007. He earned his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at KU Leuven in 2009 with the thesis “Text segmentation and coding for qualitative data analysis”.
Watch Viktoras Veitas: ChallProp: an agent-based modeling framework for simulating the Global Brain. Read his Academia profile and LinkedIn profile. Read his blog. Follow his Twitter feed.