Advisory Board

Ulla Gordillo, MSc

Ulla Gordillo, MSc is IFA (International Foresight Academy) Futures Consultant, living in El Calvario, Mexico. Her work is focused on futures, including scenarios, personal futures, and foresight. She is Management Advisor at Expertos Patrimoniales: Wealth Advisors, where she researched the industry and the market with a focus on the medium term future (5–10 years).

Ulla graduated from Business School where she earned her Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration in International Business, Trade, and Commerce. She completed her Master’s Degree in Futures Studies in Finland at University of Turku.

During this time she managed to work on several consulting related projects for different organizations, including Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds, the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and EP – Wealth Management Advisors.

Ulla started with her Ulla Gordillo Kontio Consulting company, providing Business Spanish and English Consulting service to SMEs in Turku, Finland.

Read Ullas Bachelor’s thesis Distribution of Private Retirement Plans in Mexico Through, Multilevel Marketing; The case of Expertos Patrimoniales, Consulting Firm, her paper What drives the Mexican Millennial to invest? Influence of Culture in Consumer behavior of Mexican investors; The Mexican Dream, and her article The American Dream.

Visit her LinkedIn profile. Follow her on Twitter and on her personal Facebook and company Facebook. Visit her company’s Expertos Patrimoniales website.