Advisory Board

Toni Ferraté

Toni Ferraté is CEO at RO-BOTICA company.
Toni is a guru in personal and educational robots and robotic scalable platforms, and emerging commercial products and applications for robotics in education.
He is an expert in strategic management, and brand development. He drafts win to win policies while structuring commercial transactions. He opened the first face shop specialized in educational and personal robotics in Europe.
Toni is a definer of next technological and social paradigm: CLOUD ROBOTICS → Generic AI indistinguishable or beyond human for cheap & popular mass production cloud-robots using “on demand” millions of “AI bricks” or tools on cloud. New high level layer of application only for machines over TCP/IP.
He has been creating and managing robotics workshops and national robotic contests for technical high education students since 1994, first time in Europe.
Toni has experience in web 2.0, B2C & B2B, mobile technologies, cloud computing and social media. He has been developing web and internet technologies since 1993 and programming computers and creating mechanical machines since 1982.
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