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Tabatha Marshall

Tabatha Marshall is currently a tech writer and founder (‘Sturgeon General’) of, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting job seekers from fraudulent job offers.
Tabatha’s experience with computers began at the onset of consumer computing with the Vic20 and Commodore64 back in the 1980s. The next decade she ran her own Bulletin Board System (BBS), when the Internet and World Wide Web were just starting to reach the general public. Her computer experience led to a corporate career in the insurance and finance and IT industries: tech support for Zurich Insurance, Equifax Canada and Microsoft Helpdesk; volunteer editor and review coordinator for the Linux Documentation Project and overall open source advocate; Director of Product Development for Linux Professional Institute; and for the last several years, a contract tech writer for Microsoft.
Her specialties include project/content/documentation management, executive/non-profit management, Internet security, process engineering, quality control, open source technologies, remote/virtual team management, instructional design, tech support/call center management, fiction/non-fiction/technical writing and editing, online investigations/forensics, public speaking, and web development.
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