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Sven Bulterijs

Sven Bulterijs is a student in biochemistry and biotechnology at the University of Ghent (Belgium). He was interested in science, particularly chemistry, from early on in life.
He became interested in life extension during his teens and now devotes most of his time to advocacy and the study the biology of aging. In 2008, he cofounded the Healthy Life Extension Society (Heales), a nonprofit organization devoted to promote life extension in Europe particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. In 2010, he was elected director of the Immortality Institute (also called LongeCity), a nonprofit organization devoted to research and advocacy for indefinite lifespans. His research interests all lay within the field of applied biogerontology, the study of the biology of aging with the goal of intervening in the process.
Sven is coauthor of Characteristics, Formation, and Pathophysiology of Glucosepane: A Major Protein Cross-Link. He has given several interviews about life extension including to the student magazine Schamper, the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, and the Flemish magazine Dag Allemaal.
He is Editor-in-Chief of The Heales Journal of Biogerontology and is currently writing his first book on aging that includes both the ethical and the scientific side of life extension.
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