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Steve Nerlich

Steve Nerlich is a regular writer for Universe Today, is a NASA Deep Space Network volunteer explainer, and is the producer of the occasionally amusing and always educational Cheap Astronomy podcasts.
Steve runs the Cheap Astronomy site. Cheap Astronomy is about exploring the universe. Maybe just with your eyes or maybe with binoculars or maybe even with an out-of-the-box department store telescope. Everything on the site is aimed at people who want to do real astronomy for under $300 — and that includes $0. At Cheap Astronomy, the goal is find interesting stuff to look at while you are walking the dog, maybe spot a red supergiant as you take out the garbage, or admire the rings of Saturn through a bargain basement telescope.
He authored Astronomy Without A Telescope — The Nice Way To Build A Solar System, Astronomy Without A Telescope — More Than Meets The Eye, Astronomy Without A Telescope — Is An Anomalous Anomaly A Normality?, Astronomy Without A Telescope — Much Ado About Nothing, Dark Statistics, Astronomy Without A Telescope — Cosmic Magnetic Fields, Too Cold Outside, Fun with Binoculars, and Cheap Cosmology — he Vital Statistics.
Steve resides in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, and has a passionate interest in raising awareness about the uniqueness and fragility of his favorite planet, Earth.
Watch The Outer Limits. Listen to The Venera Missions, The Space Shuttle Enterprise, The Origin of the Oceans, It’s All Downhill From Here, Making Things Shorter and Slower, and The Interplanetary Transport Network. View his Facebook page. Follow his Twitter feed.