Advisory Board

Stephen Gaskell, MPhys, MSc

Stephen Gaskell, MPhys, MSc has published fiction in many of the world’s top speculative fiction venues, including Writers of the Future, Interzone, Cosmos, Nature Futures, and Clarkesworld.
He coauthored Maelstrom’s Edge: Faith, Maelstrom’s Edge: Sacrifice, and Strata, and has chapters in The Year’s Best Military SF and Space Opera Extreme Planets: A Science Fiction Anthology of Alien Worlds, Clarkesworld: Year Four, The World and the Stars, and Music For Another World.
Stephen helped develop the games Maelstrom’s Edge, Endless Legend, R.U.S.E. Might & Magic X: Legacy, and Might & Magic: Heroes VI.
Stephen has an MPhys (Hons) degree in Physics from University College, Oxford, and an MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from the University of Sussex. He also holds a CELTA English teaching qualification, gained during the two years he lived in Budapest, Hungary.
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