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Professor Stan Franklin

Stan Franklin, Ph.D. is W. Harry Feinstone Interdisciplinary Research Professor, Cognitive Computing Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Institute for Intelligent Systems, The University of Memphis and author of Artificial Minds.
Stan is mental father of IDA and its successor LIDA, both computational implementations of Global Workspace Theory. He is founder of the Cognitive Computing Research Group at the University of Memphis.
His research interests include: cognitive modeling using the IDA and LIDA models, control of autonomous agents, Cognitive Agents Architecture and Theory (CAAT), “conscious” software agents, intelligent tutoring systems, general purpose neurocomputing, and computability theory of neural networks.
Stan authored Autonomous Agents as Embodied AI, and coauthored The LIDA Framework as a General Tool for AGI, Is it an Agent, or just a Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents, How Conscious Experience and Working Memory Interact, IDA: A Cognitive Agent Architecture, Integrating Affect Sensors in an Intelligent Tutoring System, A Software Agent Model of Consciousness, and An Architecture for Emotion.
He earned his B.S. in Mathematics at Memphis State University in 1959, his M.S. in Mathematics at University of California at Los Angeles in 1962, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics at University of California at Los Angeles in 1963. He’s been listed in Who’s Who in America since 1982 and in Who’s Who in the World since 2000.
Watch Dr. Stan Franklin – A Cognitive Theory of Everything: The LIDA Technology as an Artificial General Intelligence. Read his his LinkedIn profile, and his Wikipedia profile.