Lifeboat Foundation Bios: Shaun Moss

Shaun Moss

Shaun Moss is a Writer, Computer Scientist, and Web Application Developer. He is the Author of The International Mars Research Station — An exciting new plan to create a permanent human presence on Mars and is currently Senior Web Application Developer at the Flight Centre Travel Group in Brisbane, Australia.

He has been involved in the Mars and Space Settlement Community since 1999, and since then he has given numerous presentations and interviews about Mars. In 2014, he gave a TEDx talk titled The International Mars Research Station. The talk was about the Blue Dragon Architecture for human missions to Mars, and the International Mars Research Station, a safe and affordable plan for establishing a base on Mars for the benefit of humanity.

Shaun published his book in 2015 with its title the same as his TEDx Talk presentation. Read more about The International Mars Research Station at He is also a calendar enthusiast for which he created and

Shaun is the founder of the Mars Settlement Research Organisation (MSRO), a member of the Moon Society and the Mars Society, a former director of the Moon Society and Mars Society Australia, an advisor to the Mars Foundation, and has been involved with the National Space Society, the National Space Society of Australia, the Space Frontier Foundation, and the Space Renaissance Initiative.

In March 2021, Shaun hosted a pre-congress webinar for the Space Renaissance Initiative about Development of Mars, the Asteroids, and Beyond and presented his Space Settlement Beyond the Moon video at the Space Renaissance Congress in June 2021.

In 2009, Shaun wrote and published his first book Practical Metaphysics, where he combined science, spirituality, and success principles to provide a modern understanding of God and spirituality based on science and reason.

Shaun earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics with a focus on Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering in 1991 from The University of Queensland. In 2000, he studied Information Systems Engineering at the University of Reading and in 2005 Shaun completed Mechatronics Engineering courses on Sensors and Actuators, AI, and Robotics and Control from The University of Queensland.

Shaun taught himself programming at age 8, and he began doing commercial software development at age 16. He began web development in 1995 and web apps since 1999 when he joined The Kitchen. He started focusing on PHP/MySQL in 2001 and he became an IT Manager at Keytone Production in 2007. Since 2008, Shaun has been focusing on Drupal when he became the Managing Director at Star Multimedia and Senior Developer at Em Space in 2009, whose primary focus is Drupal development. He continued as Senior Developer at Peregrine Adventures in 2010, and became the CEO of the International Web Development Academy (IWDA) providing training in Drupal, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

For 2 years until 2014, Shaun was a Computer Scientist at the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, before joining Flight Centre as Senior Developer, where he is still working.

Shaun is also a health and fitness enthusiast and has completed a Certificate IV in Exercise Science and Fitness Management with the Australian Institute of Fitness. He travels a lot, and he also believes that healthy eating is one of the best things we can do to improve and preserve life on Earth, protect the biosphere, and advance human culture. He is vegan and follows an organic and whole foods diet. He loves reading, PC Gaming, and music.

In his spare time, Shaun writes about philosophy, science, and sci-fi. He is hoping that one day his writing income will displace his programming income and that he will achieve his dream of exploring Earth more-or-less indefinitely; and space, too, when it’s possible to go.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, his Homepage, and his YouTube page. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.