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Ryan Stellar

Ryan Stellar is Global Product Manager at Medtronic.
Ryan was previously Product Specialist, Heart Failure, Upstream Marketing at Medtronic; Clinical Specialist at Medtronic, Inc.; Cofounder & Chief Engineer at SPOC LLC.; R&D Engineering Coop Intern at Ethicon, Inc a J&J Company; Assistant Project Manager at Richman Chemical Inc.; and Manufacturing Technology Engineer, Coop Intern at Imclone Systems, Inc.
He holds patent Apparatus for diagnosing muscular pain and method of using same. He coauthored Partnership offers new outsourcing database products.
Ryan got Ray Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines the day it came out (way back in 11th grade!) and read it in record time. It was one of the fundamental works that drew Ryan towards biomedical engineering; as the combination of computation and the human body was obvious in utility and extremely fascinating. So, by no coincidence at all, he now makes a living by combining the trends of technology in medicine into a hopefully winning combination.
Ryan earned his B.E. in Biomedical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology in 2006.
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