Advisory Board

Ryan Setliff, M.A.

Ryan Setliff, M.A. is a marketing management professional and web developer. He is a consultant offering digital marketing services. Ryan is the marketing lead for Doctronic.AI. Ryan is designated as a Top Digital Marketing Voice, Top Marketing Analytics Voice, and Top Digital Strategy Voice by LinkedIn in 2023.

He served as Chief Marketing Technologist of the largest automotive group in Montana, two other automotive groups, and of an advertising agency. He has worked for startups such as SelectSurf Media (now defunct) and

Ryan holds more than three dozen industry-relevant professional certifications including an Ethics in Artificial Intelligence certification from SAP.

Ryan is interested in emerging technologies. As such, he’s interested in contemplating ethical pathways for emerging technologies. He recognizes the beneficial aspects of technology for improving the human quality of life. He nevertheless apprehends the profound ethical challenges presented by rapid technological transformation.

In his view, technologies are simply a tool, and as humanity is flawed, it is acknowledged that humanity may use and abuse technology to a destructive end, but the logic of “abusus non tollit usum” (“abuse does not cancel proper use”) is instructive.

He represents a constituency apt to see danger in transhumanism run amok and believes that dialogue among technologists is beneficial to articulate ethical boundaries, policies, and legislation to restrain the potentially negative impacts of emerging technologies.

Ryan earned his Master of Arts in History from the School of Arts and Science at Liberty University in 2011 with his thesis States’ Rights Apogee, 1776–1840.

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