Advisory Board

Dr. Robert L. Frantz

Robert L. Frantz, Ph.D. is the President, CEO, and Cofounder of Kepler Space University.
Bob has completed multiple careers. Serving in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years, he was a combat veteran of the Vietnam War where he served as a fighter pilot. Following this career, he flew as a commercial pilot for United Airlines and retired after 16 years as a Captain. In his third career he served as a university administrator and as a professor in business administration, specializing in distant education, both as a professor and as an online administrator. He served for ten years on the board of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society (.org) where he held positions of President and COB.
He is also the COB for Ashburn Institute (.org) and has promoted international integration through the organizations graduate level scholarship endowment. His 22 years of nonprofit work has included extensive volunteer work in Africa in technology infrastructure development and education delivery through distant learning. Additionally he volunteered for nine years at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum working in fundraising/development and nine years at the same time with the Airline Pilots Association (on loan from United Airlines) where his duties included serving on the President’s Commission for Airline Safety.
His education includes a BA, University of Minnesota and a MS, University of Southern California. He completed his doctoral course requirements and comprehensive exam at a Virginia business graduate school earning the distinction of ABD (all but dissertation). He then transferred his doctoral work to Kepler Space University and successfully defended his dissertation receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in Earth and Space Science. He is also about to complete a second Ph.D. with American University Girme, a European accredited university located in North Cypress. He cofounded Kepler Space Institute, a U.S. nonprofit corporation, along with Dr. Bob Krone and Walter Putnam.
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