Advisory Board

Rick Moss

Rick Moss is an artist, designer, author, and online publisher. His recent novel Ebocloud explores the near-future potential for a social singularity brought about by the confluence of a massive humanitarian social networking movement and a transformational brain-computer interface. He is a frequent contributor to blogs and e-zines, typically writing on the impact of future technologies.
As president and cofounder of, Rick oversees content and spearheads user experience development. He also orchestrates a “BrainTrust” of over 100 retail industry experts that participates in the online business community. He contributes columns for RetailWire and also blogs regularly for on developments in the retail field.
His experience in business communication stretches back to the ‘0s when he produced video magazines for trade publishers. In 1993, along with partner Santi Briglia, he formed Further Media, a communications design firm. With Further Media, he and Santi Briglia produced a diversity of b2b communications for the likes of IBM, CMP/InformationWeek, Dean Foods, Ralston Purina, and GE. Although primarily concentrated on web design and management, Further Media also designed for video, print, and interactive disk.
Rick resides in Upper Montclair, New Jersey with his wife of 30 plus years, Catherine, who is an art director for Macy’s. They have two grown daughters, Alison and Genna, both involved in the creative arts.
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