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Richard “RJ” H. Eskow

The article Homo Futurus: How Radically Should We Remake Ourselves — Or Our Children? said

Should parents have the right to choose their baby’s gender? How about its sexual preference? Intelligence? Physical appearance? And are these left/right questions?
Futurists see a conflict forming over our dominion over the human body, and over the choices we make about our biological future — and that of our children. Some call it a clash between “bioliberals” and “bioconservatives”, and frame it as a debate over individual rights. When it comes to transforming one’s own body they may be right, but it gets thornier when children are involved.
Is our only choice between a transhumanist future where children are genetically designed to win on “American Idol”, or a world where authoritarians rule our most personal choices? The answer, sadly, may be yes.

Richard “RJ” H. Eskow was the author of this article and is Chief Executive Officer of Health Knowledge Systems and President of Eskow and Associates. He has worked as a consultant in public policy, long-range planning, technology, and finance, domestically and in over 20 foreign countries. He specializes in health-related issues, including the interaction of social behavior and information in medical delivery. Other areas of activity include political communications and entertainment/media. As a musician/songwriter, he has been signed to RCEG Records and his new album will be released sometime in 2007.
RJ authored Slum Planet, Schrödinger’s “You”, and Other Overlooked Stories of 2006, Future Shock: Will Mass Torture Ray Be Used on US Demonstrators?, Music’s Future: Dylan vs. Ultragrrl In the Race For the Sonosphere, Unscientific American: US Almost Last in Understanding Evolution, More Evidence I Was (Unfortunately) Right About The “Massachusetts Miracle”, The Market for Primary Care IT, Health Data Privacy: The Coming Disaster, 300,000 More Records Lost! When Organized Crime Gets Organized — Look Out, Mass Board May Drop Drug Coverage From Its “Universal Coverage” Plan, Digital Rights: Talk Is Cheap But Music Ain’t Free, Friendly Fire: Evolution vs. Revolution in Health Care, Remembering Anita O’Day, and Oops — Did I Help Start a New Cold War in Space?.
He was previously Senior Vice President at Zenith Insurance, President at Alta Services, First Vice President at Reliance National, Assistant Vice President, Medical Management at Liberty Mutual, President, Healthcare Enterprise International at American International Group, and Vice President at American International Healthcare.
RJ has been interviewed on MSNBC, Tucker Carlson’s “Situation Room”, Fox News Radio (Sean Hannity), and Air America Radio. Read his blogs Future While-U-Wait, The Sentinel Effect: Health Policy, Business, & Innovation, A Night Light: God, Guts, & Guitars. Mostly Progressive, All American, and his blog on The Huffington Post.