Advisory Board

Richard Glen Boire, J.D.

Richard Glen Boire, J.D. serves as the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics’ Senior Fellow in Law and Policy, and also serves as a director. The Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics is a nonprofit law, policy, and public education center working to advance and protect freedom of thought.
Richard has a lifetime commitment to freedom of thought and open information flows. He has been admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, and filed the first-ever freedom of thought brief before the Supreme Court in 2002. A synopsis of the central principle in that case is available in a Wired magazine interview.
His current scholarship focuses on updating the legal notion of freedom of thought in light of ongoing scientific advancements related to understanding and mediating brain function.
Before cofounding the CCLE in 2000, he spent ten years practicing constitutional and criminal law. He is an internationally recognized expert on the jurisprudence of a category of psychotropic agents known as entheogens. He believes that such agents provide the closest real-world case study for understanding and addressing many of the legal, social, and ethical issues that society will confront as advances in the neurosciences produce a greater array of drugs and other technologies capable of directly changing a person’s thought processes.
Richard has represented clients in state and federal courts, and regularly consults on complex litigation involving freedom of thought issues. If you are looking to retain him in a legal matter, he runs the Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire.
In addition to authoring several books, his articles and essays have appeared in a wide spectrum of publications. He has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences, and is frequently quoted in the media. In early 2004, he was profiled in New Scientist Magazine, and in September 2004 SEED magazine named him one of eighteen “revolutionary minds redefining science.”
Richard authored Dangerous Lesson: Drug Testing in Public Schools, Marijuana Law, The Complete Entheogen Law Reporter Vol.1 (Issues 1–10), The Complete Entheogen Law Reporter Vol. 2 (Issues 11–20), and the innovative Amazon downloads John Stuart Mill and the liberty of inebriation: An article from: Independent Review and Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use.(Book Review): An article from: Independent Review. He coauthored Sacred Mushrooms and the Law and Medical Marijuana Law.
Richard received his Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from the University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, in 1990.
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