Advisory Board

Dr. Raymond D. Wright

Raymond D. Wright, D.Phil. is Founder of The Spacefleet Project. This company is working on The Spacefleet EARL Project which will be a low-cost demonstration of the principle that a payload can be lifted into space using aerodynamic boosters in the form of three near-identical autonomous lifting bodies.
Ray’s career experience has been of 31 years in the electricity supply industry in the UK, where he worked on environmental science for 26 years of that time, with other experience in the conversion of solar energy to electricity, nuclear electricity generation technology and knowledge management. His main experience is in the numerical simulation of atmospheric chemistry, and also of meteorology. He also has a keen interest in the numerical simulation of climate change. In parallel with this, he has maintained a long-term interest in astronomy and space flight, from a very early age.
He founded a company, Spacefleet Ltd, in 2004 with the intention of developing a novel low-cost launch system for humans and cargo to LEO. The project is continuing, and he will be able to give more attention since recently taking early retirement from the electricity industry.
His qualifications are: BSc (University of Liverpool, UK), MSc (University of Southampton, UK) and D.Phil (University of Oxford, UK). He is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Ray’s interests, in connection with the Lifeboat Foundation, are the development of low cost space access with a view to facilitating colonization of the Moon and Mars for the assurance of the continuation of humanity, climate change, human population control, conservation of the natural world, limits to growth by resource exhaustion, the abolition of physical human aging, and medical advances, particularly in the area of cybernetics.
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