Advisory Board

Peter Morgan, MBA, MSc

Peter Morgan, MBA, MSc is CEO at Zepto Ventures.
As a published author and computer science industry veteran with over twenty years experience, Peter works at the intersection of nano, neuro, and info technologies (atoms, neurons, and bits). Before entering the computer industry he solved high energy physics problems while enrolled in the PhD program in physics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Initially working as a systems engineer, Peter worked at such companies as IBM, Cisco Systems, and British Telecom. After getting his MBA and dabbling in financial trading algorithms, Peter returned to physics working as a Research Associate on an experiment lead by Stanford University to measure the mass of the neutrino. Returning to London from the United States, he has been engaged in the data science industry for the past three years where he has been teaching and using the various machine learning, neural nets, and other algorithms that are used to extract insight and meaningful information from commercial, government. and academic data.
He contributed a chapter about Aubrey de Grey and his work on rejuvenation biotechnology to the book Anticipating 2025.
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