Advisory Board

Pauline Truong

Pauline Truong, LLM JD/LLB (Hons) GDLP BSc is CEO of Ascendo International Group.
Pauline is a worldwide Who’s Who VIP, Who’s Who in the World, and a Who’s Who in American Law with a track record of awards. She is an original “Vietnamese Boat Person” who is always open to new projects and ideas. She has over 10 years global experience and perspective in international legal practice, business, and education.
Ascendo International Group is a conglomerate of companies with offices in the U.S.A., Australia, and Asia Pacific. They specialize in developing innovative solutions to help global clients in:

  • International Legal, Government, Trade, & Business
  • Strategic Internationalization
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Innovative Products
  • Investment Banking,
  • Immigration
  • Real Estate
Pauline is also an international adviser to famous public figures and guest lecturer and public speaker at UCLA Law School, international universities, professional conferences, and events globally.
As an appointed global ambassador and regional representative for UCLA Law for the U.S.A. and Australia with responsibilities in Asia, Pauline develops global strategies to build strong international UCLA Law and business networks, speaks in and promotes the program, facilitates international exchange, and expands career opportunities for its graduates.
A leader and board member of international organizations and charity foundations, Pauline’s passion is to provide the community with access to legal and business services, international education, and a better future.
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