Advisory Board

Nicole Anne K. Parreno, M.A.

Nicole Anne K. Parreno, M.A. is an active member of the Philippine Futures Thinking Society, the Center for Engaged Foresight (CEF), and the Association of Professional Futurists, where she also serves as Secretary to the Chair and Board Liaison. She is the recipient of the Asia Special Award of the 2021 Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Awards and has been an NGFP Fellow since 2021.

She is a Futures Learning Advisor and Program Manager of the Center for Engaged Foresight, sits as Youth Committee Chair of the International Trade Union Confederation – Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP) since 2019, and is on the United Nations Youth Advisory Board in the Philippines, representing young workers in the formal sector.

Her experience in futures and foresight began with a Futures Thinking Course from the Development Academy of the Philippines, where her scenario paper on the future of Philippine Exports received an award. She was also an active volunteer for the 2020 Asia-Pacific Futures Network Conference and the Philippine Futures Thinking Society’s Founding Anniversary — the Fiesta of Imagination.

Nicole aims to strengthen indigenous and community foresight by developing decolonized Filipino futures through Hiraya Foresight, working with rural communities to bring their voices into the conversation. Read Awakening the unconscious imagination and igniting ethical aspirations: the case of Hiraya Foresight via the engaged foresight approach.

She also has a Certificate in Moonshot Thinking from the Futur/io Institute and certification from the Institute For The Future for their Foresight Essentials Course.

Nicole currently assists the Center for Engaged Foresight in facilitating workshops for its University Futures program, funded by the Philippine Government, and works as a Policy and Advocacy Officer at the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines since 2019.

Nicole was formerly an employee of the Commission on Human Rights before joining the labor movement, where she was introduced to various activities as a Policy and Advocacy Officer of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, and as legislative Political Affairs Assistant of the House of Representatives in the Philippine Congress between 2019 and 2022.

Previously, Nicole was Communications Assistant for Stellar Philippines for almost five years, during which she was also Student Intern at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Nicole earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Public Administration and in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines. In 2021, she earned her Master’s Degree in Arts in Public Management and Policy at the University of the Philippines.

In 2020, Nicole did her Moonshot Thinking Masterclass in Innovation and Strategy from the Futur/io Institute.

She is particularly interested in the future of work, and how workers can make a just transition towards Industry 4.0. In 2021, Nicole had the honor of speaking at the 24th World Futures Studies Federation World Conference alongside Professor Shermon Cruz. Their presentation was titled Dreams and Disruptions: A Foresight Game which discussed a scenario-building card game that uses time horizons, drivers of change, leadership, and movements, as well as disruptors to create stress-tested and anti-fragile visions of the future.

Watch Youth employment and entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific: Lessons for a human centered recovery.

Read Invoking Indigeneity To Reimagine The Knowledge And Practice Of Anticipation.

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