Advisory Board

Dr. Nichola Conlon

Nichola Conlon, Ph.D. is the CEO and Cofounder of Nuchido, a company with the aim to translate the latest scientific advances in aging research into consumer products that slow, and even reverse, the signs and processes of aging.

Nichola is a molecular biologist specializing in the study of aging as a biologically complex disorder. Nuchido was founded in May 2017. Over recent years, rejuvenation has been scientifically proven, but the pace of these discoveries is far ahead of public awareness. Nuchido’s mission is to bring to market science-based anti-aging products that really work. Products are designed to promote ‘healthspan’ — the proportion of a person’s life that is lived in good health.

The pioneering work of Nuchido Laboratories is supported by an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board.

Nichola started her career as Sales Representative at ODM, where she gained great experience in direct sales techniques. For the next four years she continued in Sales, first at Contact Field Marketing and later at Pareto Marketing.

In 2010, she decided to pursue her Ph.D. at Newcastle University with a focus on becoming an Epithelial physiologist; specializing in the structure and function of drug and nutrient transporters.

In 2015, Nichola took her specific expertise in the molecular biology of drug transport and distribution in the body to e-Therapeutics PLC, the network pharmacology pioneers, where she worked as a Research Scientist in early stage drug discovery for more than two years.

She has worked in industry identifying opportunities for new drug development and is also a trained cosmetic scientist registered with the CTPA accredited Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Nichola earned her Ph.D. in Physiology from Newcastle University, home to the largest institute for aging research in Europe. The focus of her Ph.D. was to investigate the molecular structure of a family of amino acid membrane transport proteins.

She earned her Master of Research in Medical and Molecular Biosciences in 2009, and a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Science in 2008, with first class honors.

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