Advisory Board

Nathan Wosnack

Nathan Wosnack is the founder and CEO of CryptØMiners and CryptØYouth. He is on the North American Advisory Board for Cryptor Trust and recently joined as partner and COO of ubITquity — a cryptocurrency company.
Nathan is experienced in managing sales and technical employees, overseeing and managing company projects, creating and assisting in the implementation of general and technical policies, and is highly involved in various aspects of the sales side of telecommunications companies and number portability processes. He has overall general technical abilities, and specialized IT abilities.
His additional experience includes a wide understanding of the telecommunications industries; both in VoIP and TDM (traditional). He has detailed knowledge and experience with Call Detail Record (CDR) management, LNP (Local Number Portability) — landline, API, VoIP, Mobile, Audio Codecs, and RespOrg process and policies, E911/911/ and 411 implementation, CRTC regulatory governance, VPRI (Virtual Primary Rate Interface) implementation and management, PBX, TCP/IP, UC (Unified Communications), NAT Traversal, Asterisk, TrixBox, FreeSWITCH, FreePBX, and Cloud VoIP.
Nathan was certified in Business Analytics Training by IE / IBM in 2011. He was certified in Expert Integrated Systems Training by IE / IBM in 2012.
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