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Nadja Bester

Nadja Bester is a writer, communication specialist, speaker, and ICO advisor in the blockchain and emerging technologies space. She is an Independent Blockchain Journalist, Owner of Blockchain Communications Agency, and Marketing and Communications Specialist at Neco Finance.

Nadja is the founder and chief writer at blockchain and tech communications agency and ICO PR and Marketing Advisor at

Born in South Africa, Nadja wore many hats throughout her career. She was the Co-Owner and Health Therapist and Therapeutic Coach at Bioptron Health Clinic, a Clinical Research Technician at Parexel, and a Student Teacher at Rosenhof Secondary Industrial School, at Lekhulong Secondary School, and at Martie du Plessis Special Needs High School. She was an English Tutor at Brebner High School and a Teacher at St. Bernard’s High School.

In 2012, after she finished with teaching, Nadja started with her Brand Company, Nadja Bester, working on Digital Strategy and Marketing, Public Relations, and Copywriting Executive.

In 2013, Nadja founded Villagelearning, her contribution to the wonder that is the changing face of education and learning. The website, now defunct, featured examples of real-life learning by individuals, schools, and organizations.

While still working on her Villagelearning, she became Marketing and Operations Manager at Sohalia Aerial Productions, and at the same time worked as Programme Director and Career Development Coach at The Career Alchemists.

In 2015, Nadja ended her Nadja Bester Brand, coaching and managing marketing operations and started working as Global Multichannel Marketing and Multimedia Communications Lead at Aspen Pharmacare, a listed multi-billion multinational corporation.

She became Organizer, Curator, and Executive Producer of TED Conferences, bringing the first-ever TEDxYouth events to Durban and KwaZulu-Natal.

After 10 months, she decided to pursue new challenges out of South Africa and she became an Independent Consultant for Environmental Marketing in Asia. Providing marketing and business development consultation to commercial and grassroots environmental projects in various Asian countries, which varied from a leading resort on a privately owned island to an environmental school that provides education across six different Asian countries.

In October 2017, Nadja became Head News Editor and Blockchain Journalist at Invest in Blockchain, an American-owned blockchain investment publication. She covered major headlines and trends, rising cryptocurrencies, and blockchain startups and trends. After a year of getting experience about the subject she started with her communication agency.

Her agency specializes in creating white papers and niche content, managing public relations, and providing community management, social media management, and crisis communication services to the blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies and industries. She is also an contributing writer.

Nadja has run a digital agency serving clients on 4 continents. Today she is a blockchain writer and she writes for a variety of industry publications.

Nadja earned her Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of South Africa in 2009. Her subjects were Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Theology, Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Philosophy. In 2011, she earned her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, Secondary Education, and Teaching from the University of the Free State.

When she is not writing or adding Oxford commas, Nadja is an international marketing consultant specializing in environmental projects. She suspects cryptocurrency and the blockchain might just be the next best thing since the birth of the internet. Or the toaster.

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