Advisory Board

Nadine Hoosen

Nadine Hoosen is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and Chief Science Officer at TAFFD’s. She is a South African-trained medical doctor, precision medicine entrepreneur, corporate wellness medical advisor, concierge and telemedicine practitioner, health-technology clinical advisor, digital therapeutics business development consultant, and a pharmacovigilance medical advisor.

At TAFFD’s, Nadine has been appointed to the Afrolongevity board in the role of Scientific Officer. Nadine has extensive experience in the public and private healthcare sector in South Africa and works as a clinician with special interest in Precision Medicine approaches in complex disease management.

Nadine is Talent Manager at Rubik’s Cubed Consulting. She has been a medical, pharma, and biotech talent and recruitment consultant since 2021.

She is passionate about effecting change and promoting innovation. Her vision is to revolutionize current healthcare practice by enabling transformative, individualized, preventative healthcare initiatives to achieve collective health optimization for individuals, communities, and corporations.

In 2020, Nadine founded Superhumed, a medical consultancy founded with a vision to revolutionize primary healthcare in Southern Africa and Africa. Early disease detection, personalisation in care, and appropriate distribution of resources and ensuring equitable healthcare are areas that Sperhumed was passionate about and their necessity has become more apparent amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between 2017 and 2020, she was Provincial Head of Medicine at the South African Military Health Service.

Nadine earned her Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2012. She earned an undergraduate qualification in Sport Science with special interest in functional medicine, preventative healthcare, and regenerative medicine. She is passionate about longevity promotion and is committed to effecting transformative change. She is a creative thinker energized by her work in converging fields of medicine, biotechnology, science, and business.

Nadine is an aspiring physician-scientist. Her vision is to revolutionize medical practice through the development and execution of evidence-based augmented healthcare models that are clinically relevant and promote longevity with the utilization of advanced diagnostics for care personalization, digitization, and adoption of AI and ML in clinical care pathways, to ultimately achieve collective health optimization.

Nadine has an interest in the future of medicine, healthcare leadership, innovation in healthcare, health informatics, innovation and design, longevity, and exponential medicine. She is a strategic leader aspiring to build resilient systems while becoming an impactful, vibrant facilitator with a vision to effect sustainable change for the people of Africa and beyond, through equitable healthcare advocacy, medical education, and inclusive leadership.

Nadine leverages the convergence of conventional medical practice, emerging diagnostics, and technology to provide innovative healthcare solutions. She promotes improved accessibility to advanced healthcare diagnostics and the reimagining and reprioritization of optimal individual health as an integral core component of leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Her aim is to improve healthcare outcomes ultimately promoting individual well-being, social cohesion, and economic development.

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