Advisory Board

Morris Johnson

Morris Johnson is Chief Technology Officer at Lifespan Pharma Inc.
Morris was born in Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada. Since 1973 he has made a career of farming, trucking, oilfield industry work, and entrepreneurial business. During 1977–79 he was Director on the board of the Bison-Hybrid International Association. From 1978 to present time he has been active in public policy development with the Saskatchewan NDP and was Provincial Election Candidate for NDP in the Estevan Constituency in the 2007 election. In 1982 he organized, founded, and served as president of the Canadian Bison Association.
In 2006 he acquired a certificate in HACCP system creation and system management from the Food Centre on the University of Saskatchewan Campus. In 2006 completed “Longevity Dividend” course directed by James Hughes. In 2005 he founded Lifespan Pharma Incorporated, a company which is commercializing a patent and trademarks as well as trade secrets for producing and marketing a new food supplement ingredient CANTERPENE.