Advisory Board

Mohan K. Tikku

Mohan K. Tikku is Director, Centre for Future Studies, Gurgaon, India and has been a leader writer and foreign correspondent of the Hindustan Times, New Delhi. He presented India 2025 at the Professional Futurists Forum of the World Future Society at its Chicago 2009 conference.
In India 2025, he discussed the critical nature of the relationship among three D’s — Democracy, Demography, and Disparities — in the Indian context. Changes or absence of changes in the profile of demography and disparities shall hugely impact the conduct of the democratic processes and institutions in the next decade.
He discussed what happens when the democratic dividend of a predominantly youthful population begins to taper off in the next decade and how should India deal with it. Continuing modernization shall introduce new strains in a traditional society in which considerable numbers still remain outside the process.
Mohan is India Node Co-chair of the Millennium Project which brings out the State of the Future report every year. He is India Chapter Coordinator of the World Future Society, and a member of the Editorial Board of FUTUREtakes. He has been Senior Fellow of the Indian Council of Social Science Research at the Teen Murti House, New Delhi.
He is author of Sri Lanka : A Land in Search of Itself, published by the National Book Trust, New Delhi.
Visit his Facebook page. Read Paradise Derailed and Enigma in the Neighborhood.