Advisory Board

Mike Lorrey

Mike Lorrey is a versatile entrepreneur with extensive virtual world, virtual finance, management, and IT experience. He is Contributing Editor / Moderator at and CEO/Chairman at M2B LLC dba Brautigan & Tuck Holdings.
Mike specializes in developing virtual worlds, doing 3D modeling, scripting, web integration, virtual land sales/development, and financial services in a virtual economy. He turned a 200 USD investment into a $200,000+ company within 14 months. He can help your company venture into the 3D world of the metaverse to expand your ecommerce and marketing opportunities with crowdsourcing and gamification initiatives.
He is a polymath whose high IQ (160) and fast reading speed (over 1000 wpm) allow him to be a quick study. He’s got a wide range of experience, including energy analysis, mechanical/electrical engineering, CAD, machining, welding, electrical/electronic/software troubleshooting, graphic design, technical writing, desktop publishing, network construction/management, as well as market analysis and writing business plans for several successful businesses. He has experience with many software applications, programming languages, and operating systems.
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