Advisory Board

Professor Mike Hapgood

Mike Hapgood, D. Phil. is Head, Space Environment Group, RAL Space, and STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.
His main tasks include:

Mike’s other interests include:
  • Studies of the coupling of energy and momentum across the Earth’s magnetopause. In particular, using data from the AMPTE mission.
  • The development and application of data systems in solar-terrestrial physics and other branches of space science.
  • The use of coordinate systems in solar-terrestrial physics.
His papers include Rapid changes in LLBL thickness, Modeling long-term trends in lunar exposure to the Earth’s plasmasheet, First imaging of corotating interaction regions using the STEREO spacecraft, Roadmap for European coordination in space weather, The rough guide to the Moon and Mars, Interplanetary scintillation and space weather monitoring, On the voltage and distance across the low latitude boundary layer, and On the potential of interplanetary scintillation for predicting geomagnetic activity. Read the full list of his publications!
Mike earned his MA in Physics at the University of Oxford in 1973. He earned his D. Phil. in Physics at the University of Sussex in 1977.
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