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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is CEO at EQ8 Technologies and runs provides easy to understand information about bitcoin and litecoin. It’s a hub for both the technically savvy, and the beginner. Read reviews, and tutorials on various subjects. Communicate with your peers about the latest trends, or seek advice for digital currency needs. Combined with an online store that accepts bitcoin and litecoin as payment methods.
EQ8 Technologies is a business and technology consulting firm. They create new technology & programs for consumer electronics resellers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and end users.
Michael authored Poland confiscates pension funds, bitcoin still free, Your first $1,000,000 is free, Bitcoin – An Emerging Global Payment System, Credit card Processing, Merchants, and Bitcoin, How To Configure Linux, and build Cgminer for bitcoin and litecoin, Ex Googler creates a better bitcoin, P2pool — Why it is important, Gigabyte 7970 Review, What is Bitcoin, Litecoin Wallet Client, and Bitcoin Software Clients.
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