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Michael Hrenka

Michael Hrenka is Personal Development Blogger at Become Unrestricted and Mathematics Student at Universität Tübingen.
As original free-thinker who likes pondering deeply about various philosophical topics, especially ethics and the future, Michael doesn’t feel attracted to standard career paths. So, after really realizing how essential it is for us all to develop our minds, capabilities, and personalities he came to the conclusion that the best use of his resources is to create a site about really effective personal development. After all, personal development in its broadest scope is the basis of all personal and societal progress. Hence his creation of the site Become Unrestricted.
Michael is an advocate of those who are less powerful. Non-human animals are pretty much powerless in our current world. That’s a violation of his ethical and aesthetical ideals. So, he longs and strives for a world in which all sentient animals are protected from needless cruelty, pain, fear, and death. He lives on a plant-based diet, of course.
In the area of ethics his views are similar to those of the British philosopher David Pearce who has written The Hedonistic Imperative, a manifesto that makes a case for Paradise Engineering. In short, he propagates the abolition of suffering by using advanced technology to redesign our brains and finally the whole biosphere.
Read his LinkedIn profile. Read his blog Radical Vision: Explorative Philosophy via Science Fiction. Follow his Twitter feed.