Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Glock

Michael Glock, Ph.D. is CMO at Sovivial, Co-Chair at International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS), President at Bloom Factor, and Partner at Genius Stone Partners.
During Michael’s 35+ years of experience as a Creative Director, CEO, Managed Marketing/Business Automation expert, and lately a Philosopher, he has developed methods and protocols that visualize possible future scenarios. The benefits to businesses, NGOs, think tanks, intelligence agencies, and policy makers are:

  • Understanding the hidden psychological dimensions and cultural complexes that produce present reality.
  • Prospective thinking — discovery and invention, examination and evaluation, of possible, probable, and preferable futures.
  • How the hidden unconscious within significant critical events exposes teleological thrusts and directions.
  • Way forward engineering — how concealed agendas, shadows, and shrouded conflicts reveal depth psychological dimensions and the immense impact this has on outcomes.
Michael earned his Ph.D. in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2007.
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