Advisory Board

Michael Duncan, MPH

Michael Duncan, MPH is an experienced researcher at the intersection of AI and bioinformatics and is currently Chief Computational Biologist at MOZI AI Health. He is researching automated hypothesis generation from NGS scale big data sets.

Mike has over 5 years of work experience in applying machine learning to bioinformatics. Through Mozi Health, Mike participates in a partnership with SingularityNET, where they provide work on Biomedical Applications and the OpenCog project.

For eight years Mike ran a consulting service that developed and implemented public health interventions and low-threshold clinical services for people using drugs and other underserved populations, with customers that included leading social service NGOs and the New York City Department of Health.

Mike earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in applied mathematics from UC Berkeley. He earned his Master’s Degree of Public Health (MPH) in Epidemiology from SUNY Downstate. Mike is a licensed physician assistant in New York, where he completed a fellowship in orthopaedic surgery at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.

Read Toward AI-Guided Regenerative Medicine, coauthored by Mike and Ben Goertzel, where they explain how Regenerative Medicine offers possibilities that can greatly enhance the human condition and massively reduce various causes of suffering in living beings.

Watch Mike Duncan — A History of Projects with Ben Goertzel.

Read the announcement by SingularityNET about their collaboration with Project Shivom, a genomic data hub storing human genetic records on the blockchain. Also, read about the new partnership between SingularityNET and DeepBrain Chain. These new partnerships came after Ben Goertzel and Mike outlined their work on an automated regenerative medical system.

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