Advisory Board

Marsal Gifra, MBA

Marsal Gifra, MBA is Managing Director of the Homo Spaciens Initiative which is a private space initiative seeking to bring the space frontier within reach of human achievement. Their goal is to develop space ventures aimed at making progress toward establishing a permanent human presence in space.
Marsal graduated in business administration from Ramon Llull University in 1997 and also completed studies in space management at the International Space University in 2003. He has more than a decade of experience in new media and technology industries, and has a successful track record starting up and managing several entrepreneurial ventures such as Terra (1999), owned by Telefonica Group, and Latinia (2001).
Marsal has been passionate about space since childhood and is currently actively pursuing several projects in the space arena such as the Galactic Suite (2007) and the Homo Spaciens Initiative (2011).
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