Advisory Board

Mark W. Bennett

Mark W. Bennett is Chief Operating Officer at BluStor PMC.
Today’s rapidly changing global business environment demands visionary leadership to challenge the status quo, tackle the “impossible,” and chart new paths forward. As a trailblazing IT executive, Mark offers more than 20 years of experience delivering strong competitive advantages through technology innovation and organizational transformation in diverse industries.
Throughout his career, Mark has proven his ability to build and manage world-class technology operations, teams, and solutions that deliver exceptional business value including multimillion-dollar revenue growth, cost savings, and new operating efficiencies. Whether driving groundbreaking new innovations or large-scale change, he leverages his unique breadth of experience across many facets of technology to deliver tangible results for the company and customers in record time. He also brings to the table an unrivaled ability to build loyal, high-performance teams and engage diverse stakeholders in a compelling vision.
In his most recent positions, Mark broke new ground as Managing Director, Executive Director, and General Manager of CME Technology & Support Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of CME Group. Although considered a high-risk venture by many stakeholders, he led the charge to build a high-performance, international technology captive center to support CME Group’s European and Asian global technology needs.
Under his leadership, the center grew to 3 offices, more than 20 functional areas, $18 million annual budget, and more than 180 staff. It was quickly recognized as a centerpiece in CME Group’s aggressive cost reduction and service improvement strategy, providing strong competitive advantages in a changing global business climate. Among the highlights, Mark helmed the center to deliver $20 million in annual cost savings, launch technology innovations that enabled CME Group to exploit new business opportunities in the EMEA region, achieve highest customer satisfaction scores in the company, and provide exceptional service levels through follow-the-sun global infrastructure support model.
As Executive Director of Software Engineering for CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, Mark honed his skill as a turnaround leader. Of particular note, he was challenged with transforming the front-end software development organization’s culture and structure from rigid processes to Agile development philosophy. He also led rapid turnaround of an underperforming department; restructured multiple departments to create a single, unified team; spearheaded CME Group’s first offshore software development program; and served as trailblazer for rollout of several industry-first technology initiatives that resulted in strong competitive advantages.
Similarly, in his prior role as Associate Director of Program Management for CME Group, Mark played an influential role in reinventing the company mindset in support of the company’s IPO, introducing many new controls and management processes. These included new project and program management processes that expanded management visibility for a $120+ million technology project portfolio, several automated financial management tools that dramatically improved operating efficiencies, and a best-practice software project management methodology that stabilized project quality and delivery.
This exceptional track record of results was built on earlier standout successes. Mark founded a technology startup, Kenosha Information Technology, that developed and delivered groundbreaking anti-spam and commercial email solutions to a loyal customer base of 3,000+ users worldwide. As Project Manager for Sapient Corporation, he managed the project lifecycle for an e-commerce portfolio that generated more than $18 million in revenue. As Director of Technology and System Administrator for SAIC, Mark guided the launch of industry-first technology innovations that delivered strong competitive advantages to SAIC.
Mark obtained advanced technology training through the U.S. Air Force as an Enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officer, and was previously certified as a Project Management Professional. As a leader in his field, he has been a frequent conference speaker, quoted expert in trade publications, blog author, and technology authority in several social media venues. He has received high accolades and garnered multiple professional awards. Mark offers nonprofit board experience, having served as Board President for Artemis Users Association and Technical Advisor for the Stick and Rudder Flying Club. An adventurer in his personal life as well, he is also a licensed private pilot and certified scuba instructor.
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