Advisory Board

Leo Baldwin, B.Sc.

Leo Baldwin, B.Sc. is Principal Scientist at Cool Earth Solar.
Cool Earth Solar has developed a proprietary concentrated-photovoltaic (CPV) technology that can ultimately produce enough clean energy to address the global energy crisis. This technology dramatically reduces the cost and time to develop solar power plants capable of generating massive amounts of clean energy at prices competitive with fossil fuels.
Leo has developed 11 patents with 8 pending. He has a strong ability to combine all elements of product development: exceeding market requirements, reducing cost and volume, integrating software, hardware, manufacturing, and testing. He has strong team-leadership capabilities and extensive knowledge of the patent process. Leo has a thorough understanding of mechanics, materials, electronics, optics, lighting, lasers, sensors, microcomputers, software, systems integration, manufacturing, testing, failure analysis, and reliability.
His patents include Coaxial narrow angle dark field lighting, Machine for video inspection of glass containers with intersecting light beams, Glass container inspection machine having means for defining the center and remapping the acquired image, Method and system for determining lead coplanarity, Glassware inspection machine comprising diffused light sources and two-dimensional cameras.
His patent applications include Achieving convergent light rays emitted by planar array of light sources, Coaxial narrow angle dark field lighting, Vario-astigmatic beam expander, Optimizing use and performance of optical systems implemented with telecentric on-axis dark field illumination, and Integrated alignment and calibration of optical system.
Leo’s specialties are optics (imaging and non-imaging), optical design, optical modeling, lasers (diode, DPSS, ultrafast), machine vision, illumination, anamorphic, diffractive, aspheric, TIR, molded plastic, FRED, Zemax, TracePro. Technical leadership, project management, intellectual property, and expert witness.
Leo earned his B.Sc. (Honors) in Applied Physics at the University of Waterloo, Canada in 1985. He completed his Condensed Masters Program (CE Credit only) in Contemporary Optics at the University of Rochester, USA in 1986.