Advisory Board

Kevin M. Berry, MS, PMP

Kevin M. Berry, MS, PMP is Project Management Consultant and Trainer at Legendary Projects, Project Management Professional at Project Management Institute, Editor/writer at Servo Magazine, Writer at Robot Magazine, Builder at Battlebots, and Project Manager at United Space Alliance.
Legendary Projects provides a wide range of project management, writing, editing, proposal support, and training services. Their broad heritage combines experience from human space flight, commercial media publications, hobby robotics, academics & education, religious institutions, health & medicine, family life, sports, and community service areas.
Kevin has been involved with human spaceflight projects for over 32 years. Beginning his career with the advent of the Space Shuttle Program, he performed project management for numerous Air Force and Department of Defense payloads, and developed his unique experience in requirements management, configuration management, and process development. As a project manager for the International Space Station, he has managed the implementation of more than 50 modifications to the Space Shuttle Orbiter, Ground Systems, and Facilities. He currently works on the Orion program, assisting in development of the country’s next human spaceflight vehicle and manages proposals that exceed $50M.
Kevin contributed to the development of a 3-day Integrated Project Management workshop for United Space Alliance (USA), which he delivered over 30 times. He is a member of USA’s Project Management Working Group, and has been a speaker and panelist at numerous Space Congress events and NASA Project Management Challenge sessions.
His specialities include:

  • Space program contractor for 25 years on Shuttle, ISS, and Constellation
  • Freelance writer & editor for newspaper, magazine, and web content for 15 years
  • Project management and team building trainer and consultant for 10 years
  • Proposal consultant for 5 years
  • Kids coach, teacher, mentor for 20 years
  • Certified Project Manager
  • PM and Proposal Training
His interests include: combat robotics, commercial space development, and applying technology to public service needs. He is presenting “Starship Repairs” at the DARPA/NASA 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium.
Kevin earned his AA in Electronics at Butte Community College in 1977. He earned his BS in Electronics Engineering at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo in 1981. He earned his MS in Technical Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1992.
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