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Kevin James Moore

Kevin James Moore is an author, freelance writer, and former United Nations correspondent. He is currently writing his first novel, which is its own adventure.
His articles have been published by MediaGlobal, The Vancouver Sun, The Animals Voice Magazine, AllAfrica, Asian Geographic Magazine, H+ Magazine, Robot Magazine, Worldnews, The African Magazine, Humanitarian News, Earthwire, The International Development Centre, ArtMatters, Indigenous Climate Portal, Top Thailand Vacation, Daily News of Cambodia, and with links to articles appearing on the USA Today, NPR,, and NY Daily News websites.
Kevin authored A Dream of Robot’s Rights, The Asian Elephant is walking an explosive path towards extinction, Deaf children are being heard in Africa, Kenyan Farmers insured through mobile phones, Low-cost prosthetics provide hope to amputees in developing countries of a return to daily activities, New initiative looks to restore agricultural growth in deserts, StEP works towards finding solutions for e-waste problem, and Climbing beans improving Rwandan agriculture. Read the full list of his publications!
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